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This page will list useful resources related to crypto and blockchain universe and help me to don’t have an infinite bookmark bar :) You can collaborate doing a pull request or reaching at


General Market Information

Sites that you can find general information and KPIs about cryptocurrencies


Sites that you can buy and sell Crypto TIP: Never let your crypto on exchange! Remember: not your keys, not your crypto!

Crypto Tools

Crypto News

Security Best Practices

Wallet Best Practices

  1. Never let all the funds in just one wallet
  2. Always backup your wallet, prefer wallets that has mnemonic seeds (HD wallets). It’s easier to backup words in a safe way
  3. Large amounts should be stored in wallets that has 2FA, MUltisign, Hardware wallets, cold wallets, combinations of these technologies are the best
  4. Think wallets as the fiat wallets, you don’t carry all your funds all the way around, split in day use wallets and safe wallets

Mobile Wallets

Hardware Wallets

It’s important to keep safe your keys using a hardware wallet or cold wallet for high values

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